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Hydraulic jack plate flush


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Cleaning up my jack plate with new fittings, solenoids, wiring etc.

 I noticed a lot of sludge in the bottom of the reservoir as it had likely been a long time before me since it was cleaned. I am now worried that sludge has been picked up into the lines.

is there a good/effective way to flush the lines out?

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From another forum post, I found and have done


How to properly flush your jack plates hydraulic system.
1. Start off with your jack plate in the down position.
Note: Always use one wrench to hold the cylinder fitting and another wrench to loosen the hose fitting.
2. Disconnect both hoses from your hydraulic pump.
3. Remove the oil from your hydraulic pumps reservoir.
4. Remove the bottom hose off the cylinder, and then using compressed air, blow the oil out of the bottom hose.
5. Reconnect the bottom hose to both the pump and the cylinder.
6. Leaving the top cylinder hose still disconnected from the hydraulic pump, fill your pumps reservoir with 20 weight (20w-20) non-detergent motor oil.
7. Take the hose end of the top cylinder hose that connects to the pump and place it in a container or bucket.
8. Run your jack plate up, this will force the contaminated oil out of the top of the cylinder through the hose and into the bucket.
9. Disconnect the hose from the top of the cylinder; use compressed air to blow out the contaminated oil out.
10. Reconnect the top cylinder hose to both the cylinder and the pump.
11. Run your jack plate back down.
12. Assure that your pumps reservoir is topped off.



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On the home stretch, put everything back together, tested it out, and shot fluid all over the bilge and garage(rethinking the 90 degree pieces facing straight up). 

I thought I had installed these correctly but clearly I did not. Can someone explain how to install these or point me in the right direction to find out?


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