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Redzone Apparel......am I in trouble?


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So I saw a shirt in a fishing video that I liked and I was able to trace it to Redzone Apparel. That name rang a bell since I already have several Pathfinder shirts from the MBG Store that have their name on them. I made the order Sunday, got the normal automated email response from their website and Paypal, and since then nothing. After I had made the order I noticed everything on their Facebook page is a year old. So I decided to contact them to make sure my order was in process. I emailed, I called, and I called back. No response. 

Then I remember something on here about MBG changing suppliers....?  

Does anybody have any first-hand knowledge of their situation? 

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3 hours ago, RockyG said:

Update:  I received an email from Jay the sales guy for Redzone. He said they have my order and will ship my shirt next week. 

So all appears to be well but I would still be wary of their lack of communication. 

Jay was out of town last week. I’m sure that played a part. He is a good guy and I’m sure he will take care of you. 

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