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Motorguide Xi5 remote

Bruce J

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My Xi5 has worked fine for the 3 years I’ve had it. I took it off the boat a couple weeks ago and put it back on yesterday. Now it doesn’t respond at all to the remote. It has power when I deploy it, all the lights are on and it beeps. But no response from the remote to any function. I changed the batteries and tried resyncing the remote. It replied with some beeps, so it must be sending out some signals, but still none of the motor functions work.  What else can I try before I take it in for service?  Is there any other way to operate the motor if the remote doesn’t work?  I don’t have a foot pedal. 

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Thanks, ASB.  I did reset the power a few times, and I checked the remote for corrosion when I changed the batteries. While there might have been a little discoloration on the contacts, it didnt look like corrosion to me. And with the new batteries  the motor did beep when I tried resyncing the remote. So it seemed to be sending something to the motor, but it might not have been what it wanted to hear. I’ll try another remote if I can find one. 

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Going on my 3rd remote for my Motorguide Xi3 which is less than a year old. They claim the remote is water resistant but it absolutely is not. Heavy fog will find its way to the remote internals and you won't know until it stops working halfway in during a fishing trip. At over $100 each, I'm very unhappy with the reliability of this remote. It's a $20 remote at best. 

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