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Switch Panel... Wiring


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Thinking about upgrading my accessory switch panel.  Want to go with the most dependable and hoping that I can find something that is lit or backlit.  Any recommendations on where they can be purchased or who to contact that has them and will install?  

Would also like to clean up my wiring in my CC and in the old rigging hatch.  I still have the original Battery Switch but it is always on as a pass thru to the new switch installed at the CC.  I'd prefer to run one solid line from the engine to the main CC switch but I guess I could take the old switch out and just use a terminal there?   Would think it would be less of an issue with solid run leads?  

Prefer someone that is possibly close to i-75 as I pull my boat to Naples once or twice a year.  Tampa, Ft Myers, Naples?

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