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Ulterra WARNING!

Miss Jazzy

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For those of you that have one make sure your batteries are in tip top shape and stay that way! If you think you may have a battery going down do not use your Ulterra or you will have trouble. 

My story:

left the dock with two blue tops topped off/fully charged. While on the water and using spot lock for around and hour the tm cuts off. (First sign) I Drift off spot and turn it back on and reset. Worked for a minute then cut off again. *if this happens stow it and do not run again till you find out the prob* . Well I thought my batteries were good so I kept trying to get it to work. To no aval, so now it's deployed and will not stow. I'm a long way from home so I'm not going to idle with it down. So I keep trying and finally it comes up and stows itself. Problem now is it stowed itself with prop facing the sky, motor facing the water. No problem getting back home but it will be. Back home I check both batteries and sure enough one of them isn't putting out enough volts. Replace battery and get back on water to see if it will reset back like it suppose to horizontal with water. Turn on and warning "beep" is goin off and it will not move. At close look I see when it stowed last the motor wedged itself in the slot the shaft normally goes through. I take it to shore and get in the water to see if I can break it loose. Finally figured if I mashed the black button (where the motor normally sets) and lifted up it broke loose. It went down and worked like it suppose to until I tried to stow it again. It tried to stow like it did before, vertically. After hours of trying and resetting it I finally get it to stow correctly. But something is still bad wrong. When turned on it still beeping something wrong. I'm afraid to try it in fear it won't stow correctly again. Also there is metal shavings and the large screw the comes from the motor that stows and deploys it is all knarled up. Not to mention all this while I'm on vacation.  Taking it to dealer tomorrow to see what they can do. 

Why Minn Kotoa doesn't have some kind of manual override to stow this thing is beyond me.  A dead cell in one battery, which who knows when it will go out caused all this trouble and no telling how much to fix. 

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