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This is my fave for all of those species and places, though of course I also use other patterns including color variations of this one.  This color combo is the most versatile by far. It's almost always the first fly I tie on for a day.

I tie it in all sizes from #4 through #3/0, and always with the weedguard.  Easy to clip off the weedguard when you don't want it, but hard to add one on the water when you need it. 


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56 minutes ago, FLY TIME said:

Next one would be the Seaducer, older pattern from a floridian guide, Miami way I believe. Simple ties.

Chico Fernandez.  His way of tying it includes a subtle key. Before tying in the hackles for tails, lay down a good bunch of bucktail. When you tie the feathers flat on either side of it, it's lot easier to get them upright like they belong. More important for fishing, the bucktail helps keep the feathers from wrapping around the bend of the hook while you're casting- the surest way to make a fly stop fishing.  If I recall correctly, he shows that in his great book on redfish.

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