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Fix for switches that fall apart

SCFD rtrd.

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Since 2013, I have been slowly replacing my switches on my dash as they fail. Had another fail (fell apart) last week. I removed the switch panel and found that the switches come in two half's. The top is connected to the switch panel with a small nut that is incased in rubber. The rubber slides over the toggle and provides some waterproofing and holds the switch in place. The bottom half of the switch houses all the guts of the switch. The top and bottom just snap together and the snap part is the part that fails.

Didn't have time to shop for a switch, so I used two electrical zip-ties to connect the two half's together. Well, it is solid as a rock and will last many years. When I have more time, I'm going to zip tie all the switches and never have another problem with them coming apart.

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