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How to- The perfect hatch cable stay


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On 9/26/2018 at 12:53 PM, FINCHASER said:

Some may have seen my thread on where to get the OEM SS cable replacements as I had one break.  While that Q was answered there were a few other suggestions for alternatives

So I was going to order the cables and took the other off to measure it and noted the rust and crud on it and noted it was about to break as well.  Im normally not a cheap a** when it comes to the pathy but I just wasnt willing to pay what they wanted for something that was going to corrode and sure to break.  I tried the parachute cord and it worked ok but had to shorten the length to account for the stretch once it took the weight of the lid.  Wanted something without stretch and thought the mono Idea might work as it was suggested by JohnD but wasnt sure about the crimp on ends.  I got to looking around and had some 10-12 ga wire ring terminals that were pretty HD.  Found some 500lb mono at a local shop that easily fit into the ring term.  So I melted the ends to mushroom it for insurance and crimped them on.... wouldnt you know they work perfectly zero stretch and will never rust!  Another huge benefit to me was being able to make them to the length I wanted as I didnt care for how far the OEM cables had them open.  Made mine to 12.125" CTC opening of the ring terminals.









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8 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

I plan on doing the same....West Marine sells it in their rigging section.....as well, I'm going to cover the stainless with a plastic rubber hose....tiny...




I may not have been clear. I have some coated cable and some crimps laying around. I would be willing to make up a cable free of charge if anyone needs one or two. 

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