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Hard Water Mineral Residue on Chart Plotter Screen

Ron in Atlanta

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Bamaskeet warned me about the incredibly hard water on St George Island.  When I rinse the boat after a day in salt water, I usually wipe dry with soft cotton towels.  I guess I missed the GPS screen...


This photo was taken AFTER I washed her down and wiped her dry again once we returned home.  I don't want to use anything too harsh.  

Any idea of what to use to get the mineral spots off the screen??

The folks at Garmin Customer Support were not at all helpful (they are located in Kansas.  When I said I was rinsing salt water off the boat, they asked, "what is salt water?").

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Careful with that Ron, you can take off the anti-glare coating depending on what you use. I had similar stains on my old chart plotter and the only way I got them off was with a plastic polish, which DID remove the anti-glare coating....It was fine for me because it was an older unit. I would be a lot more cautious with the unit pictured.

Good luck!

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I use vinegar on my Simrad and it makes her look good as new.  No problems after 3 years.  I also use the eye glass spray cleaner and microfiber while on the water with good results as well.  St George is a nice place for the family, esp if your looking for a deserted beach inside the bay.  Had a lot of good times fishing West Pass and Indian Pass.

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Thanks for all the good advice!  The Garmin folks were also very concerned about harming the non glare coating.  They suggested Dawn dish washing soap and a micro fiber cloth.

I tried it earlier today and after wiping gently, found the mineral deposits still clinging like barnacles.  Then I rubbed very hard in a corner so if that produced a mess, no harm to the main screen.  The hard rubbing did the job.  Mineral deposits gone, coating still there.  Whew.

Now, I've got to detail the REST OF THE BOAT which has similar spots.  I should have left the salt water on for a few days and washed when I got home.

And yes, we enjoyed West Pass.  Anchored on the outside, beyond the small breaker line and waded in to a deserted beach.  There were numerous "feeding frenzys" where tiny bait fish got trapped near the surface between larger fish below and the birds coming at them from above.  That is where Laurie got this photo...   


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