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Best Run Ever


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Took the boat out this morning to give her a little run and fuel up. Only has 1/8th tank. Do not run wot to often due to pooch always with me. Just had bottom cleaned on Friday. Ran 57 rpm, 45 mph, fastest she ever ran. Then fueled up to 3/4 tank and ran again. Number were the exact same, amazing 45 mph. Did notice however at wot a few times she would slow down a bit and rpm’s dropped a couple of hundred and then picked right back up again. Happened with both different amounts of fuel as stated. Backed off wot just a bit ran fine. Any ideas why this may be happening. Note: have not had engine serviced in year except for fuel water sep kit recently. This also happened to son about a month ago, just found out this morning. As stated do not run wot often, when I have in the past this never happened. Thanks for any feedback and suggestions, 😀fin

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