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Power Washing

Lowcountry Joe

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29 minutes ago, Headhunter said:

Not sure what you want to pressure wash but I have a little Ryobi electric pressure washer that I use regularly on the hull and cockpit. Works great and doesn't hurt anything.

I too use a lil Ryobi and love the Lil thing (low profile one so it doesn’t tip over like all the tell electric ones) Cleans well but doesn’t do any damage but I would think that process does remove wax.

Use mine mostly on topside for nooks and crevices  which I don’t “wax” but once a year. Only really use wash n wax on top otherwise. Also works well for removing the Lil white barnacles you get from a few days in water, of course you’d wanna wax after that anyways 

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Yes works great on the non-skids surfaces of the Decks and Gunnels. Tryed on the hull on water line tannin stains but it didn’ t work that well. Tryed a old trick using Liquid “ Iron Out”. Have heard that Mary and Kate’s On and Off also  does a good job also. Now I assume I do need to wax but it looks great for a 15 year old boat. What is the recommended wax?

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