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Which boat cover for a 2005 HPX-T?

Colorado Matt

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Hey folks,

I'm looking for recommendations for a boat cover for my 2005 HPX-T.  I see they are offered in few different materials.  What are the pros and cons of each type? 

I'm looking for a tight-fitting cover that can remain on when I travel with the boat.   Preferably something that isn't too difficult to take on and off.  

I have added a windshield to the console of my boat, so I'm thinking that may require a custom-made cover.  Is that correct? If so, recommendations on qualified cover-makers in the Ft. Myers area would be most appreciated.  




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I have a 2000 HPX T and tried one of the off the shelf covers from boatcoversdirect.com.  Definitely would not recommend them. Although the cover was just under half the cost of the custom I had made, it only lasted  2 years before it tore. The Sunbrella cover I have on my Redfisher went 15 years and needed nothing more than a re-stitch and an occasional water proofing. Custom is worth the extra money. 


As for traveling with the cover on, I have not found any custom manufacturer that recommends it.


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Just an update to wrap this thread up.  


I ended up having Scotties Canvas build my cover out of WeatherMax 80, using the Solar Fix thread, which carries a lifetime warranty.  It has trailer tie-downs to allow for towing with the cover on.  The total price was $1745.  


It was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but the fit and quality of construction is top notch.  Overall, I am very pleased.  




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