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Stripping Bucket


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Looked into buying a stripping basket , but whoa....$175 plus. This is probably old news

but $6 for a laundry basket from Walmart, $10 for tubing and lead. Less than $20 for the whole thing. Think it’s going to work great and it folds up like a pancake.







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Yes, the plastic tubing could be filled with sand. If using sand I would use a much biggier plastic tube in diameter. Luckily I had a bunch of lead sinkers. Went to buy some and a little surprised how much they cost nowadays.

I selected this hamper because of the diameter which is 16 inches which seems about right. 

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Gotta say I've tried several stripping baskets and had trouble on windy days with all the collapsible versions and hated hauling around the rigid version.  Finally settled on a pair of LineLairs from Carbon Marine, even if they're anything but cheap.  Might reflect my casting or stripping style, but they work great in any wind I want to fish. But if you don't want to go the freight, your collapsible version would be great because you can stow it when not in use.  But I'd be inclined to put even more weight in it.

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