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Pics of Hot Babe - 23 years old :) - Shout Out To Bob-Inshore Marine Pompano


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lots to do this weekend....

having problems with the TM not running (or to me) at full speed.

Took my Ulterra to Bob at Inshore Marine...he did a full check, opened the TM and swapped out the brushes, said it was a bit dirty...so, I know she is good to go...

Checked the ProMariner and found it was not charging properly....it was sitting on "auto maintain"...

As well, I decided to change the Perko Switch....as it didn't "feel right"...

Charged the main cranking battery overnight on the portable charger and then changed out the promariner....(it last over 3 years)...so, I was "ok" with it.

All in all, I did not properly connect the 1/2/all switch and then had a charger issue....

TM good so...full speed ahead...

As well, cleaned up my girl from 1995....she's in pretty good shape if I say so....changed the plugs, new RACOR and she's ready to rock.....


A few pics :)


charging up the cranking battery.....




Promariner replacement from West Marine....a few dollars extra and 3 yr warranty :)





goodie box :)






placing all the stuff in the right places....keeping stuff buffed and clean....







My 23 year old hot babe :).....she's like new....gotta love the old 2 smokers...





neat and clean....ready to go !!! Let's go feeeeshing Capt DonH !!!



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