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HPXT fuel line


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Has anyone replace their fuel line in an HPXT from the tank to the F/W separator? I have removed the old line in suspicion of a small leak, and there was a small pin hole , having a brutal time trying to pull the new line through. There was already a rigging line fed through the route from the factory. I cannot get the line past the front bulk head. Any insight on this would be great. Thanks.

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Here is some things I have tried in the past. 

1. Reverse the direction you are pulling from. Sometimes just pulling wire or hose in a different direction makes a difference. 

2. Whittle a small piece of wood (bullet shaped) and insert it in the end of the hose. Duct tape in place. Sometimes this helps the hose set started through tight areas. 

3. Use lots of dish washing detergent to help reduce the friction and help the hose pull easier. 

4. Secure the rigging line to the hose with duct tape. Don't use knots in the rigging line. 

5. Do you have a boar scope to look into the confined spaces? You can buy just the camera and line pretty cheap. They attach to your phone and the display shows on the phone. 

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On 11/11/2018 at 1:54 PM, SCFD rtrd. said:

se lots of dish washing detergent to help reduce the friction and help the hose pull easier. 

Yep...this will normally do it....

BTW, I have found that the new Gorilla Tape is really good for this.....it's a Bit*&ch to remove...but, holds the lead to the hose.

I have found as well that using a fiberglass snake used by electricians that are about 1/4" in diameter work as well...sell them at Home Cheapo...they open a slight passage for pulling stuff through.....or use a large snake....


For smaller wiring...a rope works...but, larger stuff seems to need more room to pull vs a small rope.



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