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2003 16’ Redfisher repower


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For best power-to-weight ratio, the Yamaha 115 or Merc 115 would be best IMO.  I have no complaints with my Yamaha VF115 SHO.  Coming up on 100 hours with zero problems and running strong.  I have also heard good reviews on the 4S Merc 115 Pro XS.  It's a few pounds lighter than the Yamy.  The  Merc 115 is also available with the Command Thrust 2.38:1 gearcase if load carrying power and quicker hole-shot is preferred.  There would be more larger-diameter Merc prop choices available too, with the CT gearcase.  Motor in-stock availability would probably be the deciding factor for me, if repowering asap was important.  I'm sure some Suzuki fans will be chiming in here soon as well.  Zukes are nice too, but the 115 is heavier.

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On ‎11‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 12:09 PM, THE OUTLAW said:

So my 115 two stroke grenaded yesterday .

I know this post is talked about all the time .

I do not know how much my 03 115 weighed but weight savimgs would be nice .


Please , pros and cons of ALL .

Winter fishing /camping season is rapidly approaching .

Thanks 🇺🇸☠️

Sorry to hear.  Have you figured out why?  If you want to get on the water quick I would buy used.  You definitely need to find out why your engine blew first.  2 strokes don't just die.  Something or lack of caused it.  


All the top brands make a nice 115.  To me it all depends on who can come up with the best price with all new rigging in place.  Yamaha can re-use some of your rigging but I would opt for new. 

I saw this one online if you are thinking about used to get you through.



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Thanks for all the replies .

Been  a long three weeks .

On a four week camping binge .

Pulled the plugs lastnight and saw nothing on plugs or what I could see thru plug hole 

Im no mechanic , so I was thinging it would be at the bottom of the rod , where it connects to the crank .

Doing a compression test tonight .

Went to Boat Center yesterday and stroked a deposit on a new SHO .

But now Im thinkin about a rebuilt longblock .

A new motor would be nice , but the coin I save can do lots of other things .

Going to be launching our mothership this weekend so the Mistress will be taking a short siesta .

Cant be down long , the season of the critters is almost here !




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So a quick update .

Finally got caught up enough to do a compression test , and had one cylinder @ 90 .

I decided to have a look at my gearlube and there was only a cup of crap that looked like Grey Poupon , and shavings in the fluid .

I do not think it would be agood idea to put almost 4 k in a motor that is not worth that.

What is yalls opinion on that ?

Also have never been a fan of buying anything used , so that kinda limits my options .

Yamaha is running a great promotion that ends Monday .

Looks like I have some thinking to do around the campfire this weekend .


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A new motor is a big chunk of change. I have thought about it myself recently. The one thing that I keep in mind is you will be able to double your range! That new motor should get at least twice as many miles per gallon as yours does now. There is nothing wrong with my two smoker so I am reluctant to buy new. You are in a different situation and seemed to use your boat a lot. We have similar hulls so if you do decide to go to with the SHO motor I am anxious to hear your opinion.


These guys got a good thread going on propping an older hull with an SHO if you do decide to repower with the SHO.



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Well , its a done deal.

The extra warrantee and cash back , was too good to pass up .

Not sure if it is true or not , but was told I got the last one too.

On a four month backorder .

It looks like a call to da Funky Monkey will be next as what I have read in the other repower thread sounded like my SCDR417 , will not work .

Prop is less than a year old . BOOO 😳

More updates to come !


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Sounds like you may be back on the water soon . I hope your new motor works fantastic and last as long or longer than your TLRB115 2 stroke did . It is not fun spending the money for a new motor but it will sure be nice burning way less gas, with a smooth running , dependable smokeless better smelling quiet brand new good looking 115 horses hanging on the back of that 16RF .

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You will love the SHO115!  Are you running a jackplate? If not, check out the Talon SS 19. I attached the prop test log for reference.  I am highly impressed with the engine/prop.  The Yamaha promotion is what sold me also.  Nice to get the $$ off and 6 year warranty. I have a 2004 RF16 with 2 batteries under the center console seat and house in the back starboard area.  Trolling motor and anchor up front.  Boat will run great once up in plane with no tabs and motor trimmed up 50%. Just a awesome engine.  When you punch it going 20ish the acceleration is awesome!   Remember time to plane below is with no trim tabs.  As you know this hull needs trim tabs :-) 3 seconds or under with them. 


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On 11/17/2018 at 4:35 PM, conocean said:

Good choice on the 115SHO, Ralph. I have two friends that luv theirs. The great fuel economy, quiet humm of the 4s and no more oil burn is so worth it. 

How many hours were on your 115 2s? Was she 15 years old?? 

Just ran my 23 year old 115 2 stroke Yamadog about 50 miles round trip.....she ran like she was new....let's hope she makes another 10 years....

sorry to hear about you problems Ralph......sounds like you have bought your last motor.....the SHO should go for another 15 years :)



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Glad to see it all coming together for you Ralph.  Just a suggestion... while you have no motor on the transom, it would be a much stronger motor mount if you notched the aluminum top plate on the transom, so that the motor bolts up completely flush against the fiberglass without the normal gap you get with the motor laying on top of the aluminum strip.  To me, it's much better to spread the stress on the transom over a larger, flatter surface area, instead of having a bridged gap with all the stress on the top and bottom of the motor mounting plate.  Just my $.02

Have fun with your new toy!

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