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Questions about late 90's-early 2000's PF's


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Newby to this forum. 

My brother and I are in the market for a bay boat for inshore and rarely nearshore that we could also use for stripers on the lakes here in central Texas.   My 1st choice is a Pathfinder followed by Blue Wave then Nautic Star.  Was hoping to get some expert advise from y'all on things to look for when considering a used Pathfinder. Close attention to the motor is a given.

 Our budget puts us looking at the late 90's to early to mid 2000's when it comes to Pathfinders.  Are there any problems, minor or otherwise, these older boats are known for, that I should check closely?

Thanks, hope I can tap this resource in the future if I have questions about a particular year.


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I am not sure of the size you are looking for.  They made 18, 19, 20, 22, and 24 models.  The obvious answer is the later the year, the better.  I am talking about the 22' Pathfinders.   The decks evolved over time into a better layout especially forward with the starboard and port compartments.  If you want more than one live well or bait well, you might want to limit your search to the "Tournament" model.  There are no real, inherent flaws, other than the wet feet syndrome.  But even that can be mitigated with Rabud scuppers.    

There is a nice looking 2003 22 in the boat classifieds here that might be worthy of further investigation.

But whatever budget and boat you are looking for, I would advise you to be willing to travel for the right deal.  Three years ago, I found my 2007 2200V on Boat Trader and traveled from Georgia to Connecticut to purchase.


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Sorry, looking ideally at 22' PF.  So, do the 2200V boats have 1 live well, aft correct?

When you say wet feet syndrome , do you mean the PF's are not particularly dry riding boats, or that the factory scuppers wear out and leak in these older boats? 

How about the storage compartments, do they keep things pretty dry?

Thanks again for the quick reply!

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They all have the aft center live well, and some have the optional port release well plumbed.  The tournament model has the two aft wells, plus one up at the bow, for a total of three. 

The older V models have the issue of water coming back through the scuppers onto the deck when you are carrying a moderate to heavy load.  The later XL models, beginning about 2007,  and the TRS models have higher sides with decks a little higher over the water so that the water intrusion problem got solved.  I have that issue on mine, and if I have 3 people fishing, I have rubber stopper plugs (from MBG) that I stop up the deck drain so water doesn't flow back onto the deck.  One day, I will get around to having the Rabud, ping pong ball style scuppers installed on the transom.  By most accounts, this stops the water from coming back up through the scuppers.   

All the compartments have gaskets and gutters so that they remain dry.   

I would choose a Pathfinder over Pure Wave and Nautic Star any day.  That is just my personal opinion!  Good luck! 

Any more questions, just ask. 

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