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Lowrance Sonic Hub Install - RF16


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Just got my boat back and very happy with the outcome.

I had a Lowrance Sonic Hub with a Uni Dock fitted with 4 x 200 watt speakers (2 on side console and 2 in the front casting deck support facing back). I also had a Fusion 8 inch sub woofer and amplifier (Lowrance recommended) to feel the beat and clarify up the tunes.

It is connected to both my Gen 2 Lowrance HDS 12 on the dash and the HDS 10 up front next to the electric motor.

The mates came over yesterday and we tested in the shed and all were very impressed and it had some serious sound but not distorted when you pumped up the volume.

The Uni dock on the dash will take a wide variety of I-Pods, I-Phones, USB sticks etc and I tried it with a old original I-pod as I haven't transferred my songs over to the new I-Pod Touch or 5 s I-Phone as yet. It has a Bluetooth set up and is waterproof when the cradle is pushed in and the lid closed up.

Here is some pictures of what it looks like.











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