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RF16 LED Install


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The Boat shop B & M Outboards did a great job on the Stereo system and I also asked the guys to add some LED lights to under my gunnels and Luke also put one in my front hatch for when chasing lures or pre-rigging gear.

Came out awesome, just like the stereo set up (Thanks Luke) and there is three switches in under the shelf in the console and if you turn them on individually you have a choice of three colours - Red / Blue or Green. Turn two or three switches on together and you get colours like purple or orange just like mixing paint.

My favourite is the Blue - we don't too much night fishing but the lights are great for when we are at Tournaments or weekends away and we gather around the boat having a beer as the light is not too intense but does light up enough so you can see clearly.

Always hard to show in a picture unless you are a guru in taking pictures which I am not but this should give you a idea.












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