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2013 23 HPS - Pure White or Oyster Gel Coat Patch


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Looking to use Spectrum Color gel coat patch paste to fix up some oyster rash on the bottom of my hull.  I am having a hard time figuring out what "white" gel coat was used for the 2013's oyster or pure white.  All of the details I can find on Spectrum's site lists up to 2011 skips 2013 and picks back up at 2014+.  I figure both colors are fairly close and most of the scratches are on the bottom and won't be visible, but I do have an area higher up that I would like to match as close as possible.  Just figured I would ask the group if anyone had any experience or idea on this.  The Spectrum product has good reviews even from another Pathfinder forum thread so I feel alright with the product.  Just trying to narrow down the color.  Worst case I will pick one and only do the non-visible scratches and see how it matches.

Appreciate the help.


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