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Capt. Troy

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Limited Saturday pretty quick and crept home in blinding fog.


Yesterday it got real stupid with boat traffic. Had several close calls while on the hook. People running over 30 MPH with no radar.

We bagged the trip around noon with 5 really nice fish on the first stop. Only fished 2 hours.

The run home was nuts for the first 6 miles. All the boats waited to run out until after the inshore fog lifted as they had no clue as to what they were fixing to run into. " 50 feet of Visibility at some points"

We were met by multiple targets coming head on, crossing and many on anchor.

I had headache by the time we got in.


Largest fish was 31 inches.


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Nice fish Troy. That 31”er has steaks for sure. Glad someone was able to actually get their fish to the boat. Flipper and his pals stole from us all day.

We also had only about 20-30 Ft of visibility leaving Maximo Saturday morning. Ran the channel relying completely on gps. A few boats were sitting idle in the middle of the channel with no idea where they were. So dangerous. 

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