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Live Well Questions - Stumped


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2002 Maverick HPX V.  Have two live wells.  One big and one little. The big one is plumbed with pump. Works fine.  The little one is always filled with water unless running it will drain. I really don’t need live wells and would like to use these for storage but I cannot keep them 100% dry.  Are these designed to always have water in them?  

The smaller well appears to have no valves or no plug. The shape of the flow through hole is odd. About a 1” plug looks like it would fit but the shape is like a circle with a flat section on the bottom. The flat section keeps pacifier plugs from fitting   

Do I need to have ball valves installed or am I missing something?  Seems odd the water can just freely flow in and out.  I was thinking a plug or stand pipe would work but the shape of the hole is making that difficult.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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If you want it dry, you'll need to get in the bilge and put a valve on the thru hull. 

using a standpipe or plug is going to leak...and soak your stuff.

Just a thought... if you put a valve on the thru hull, you may not want to reconnect the livewell drain hose. Just leave it hanging open to the bilge.Then when you wash that hatch, the water will just drain into the bilge... removing the need to open the valve... and then forgetting to close it - and soak your stuff on the next trip ... I know :)

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