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Special Call Out To Forum Member Drummer


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What makes this forum great is the sharing of information from other members.

I didn't know the vast experience of Drummer in relationship to handguns....Dave took the time to send me pics, texts, time on the phone, to lead me to the "right" decision on a new handgun...while this is not a handgun forum, many of us here have a array of skills, e.g. mechanics, photography, hand guns, metal working, insurance, etc.....the list goes on....thank you MBG for allow a bit of OT's every once in a while....it's amazing what other members know in their respective areas of interest of their hobbies or professional expertise.


thank you very much......I appreciated you taking time to share...next trip to Florida, the trip to Choko is on me :)




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18 minutes ago, Coto said:

Dino is going all John Wick...watch out! Dino I want to see you do the Die Hard Bruce Willis roll across the floor while laying down fire.😎

John Wick....LMAO :)  Love that movie.


Glock 34 Gen 5 with Trujicon MOS 3.25

Taking her to the range today to squeeze off a hundred or so....

Gotta do something when the winds da blow....



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