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Foodie... Options for leftover shrimp/crawfish boil?


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Will be doing a large shrimp boil next week.  Looking for a chowder, stew, soup, etc to use the ingredients in without having to get much more to complete the dish.  Last year I found some kind of chowder recipe that was fantastic but with lots of "spirits" involved, I don't remember much about putting it together or where the recipe is.  

Does anyone have a good recipe for using the leftover ingredients that they'd be willing to share?  I'm pretty sure we did something like a shrimp and corn chowder.  Didn't need to add much spice or anything.  Just some heavy cream, stock and the leftovers.


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I found the info from the chowder.  Thought I'd share here.  Was super simple.  I had texted a buddy pics of the cook last year while we were both on Spring Break in different states.   He said his assistants had a great recipe for the leftovers and he texted me what she had texted him.  

Take the leftovers from the boil and cut all of the solids up into bitesize pieces.

In a large pot, heat up some of the stock from the boil (can use chicken broth or other broth/stock as desired).  

Add Heavy Cream to desired color, texture, taste.  

Add in the solids from the boil.  

Add corn and sausage if needed.

Add creole seasoning to taste. 

Simmer for 20-30 min.  

This was a fantastic chowder.  Could use Crawfish, Crab meat or about any fish leftovers for a seafood chowder.  The flavors leftover from the crawfish boil in the stock and veggies/meat were amazing.  Paired with any cold beer or 6, you will be a happy camper.  

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