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2007 Maverick Master Angler 18.5 SOLD!!


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Answering PM's all at once in case anyone has the same questions:

1.  There is a starting battery and battery switch in the starboard rear compartment (next to last pic in my first post above) and two batteries under the large lid up front for the trolling motor (2nd pic in my second post above).  In that same pic is the charger for all 3 batteries, and that switch shown is for the trolling motor up front.  The console has nothing in it - I just use for storage.  

2.  The "silver disc" in-between the two front bow compartments is for a bass style pedestal post / seat.  I do have the seat and post I just never use it.  Also includes a bimini top I never use.  I can't vouch for the condition of either.

3.  Yes it includes the push pole.  It's fiberglass I think - I assume, the original as listed on the invoice pic.  I don't use this either.

4.  The livewell and large release well are shown.  Both include recirc.

5.  Since I completed the full service with Ft. Myers Marine I have put probably 10-15 hours on the motor.  She doesn't get used often and when she does, I don't have a long run and I mostly use the trolling motor.

6.  No problems of any kind with the motor.  Never a hiccup.  Only Ethanol free gas, with Ring Free, always.

7.  Yes the trailer even has brakes.  I don't know why, it came that way.  No representation on whether your Prius can handle it...just kidding!

As I mentioned above email is fastest way to reach me, but I will log in here and check from time to time as well.

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