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Props for sale


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I have 3 props that are in new condition. They have recently been reworked by a prop shop in Houston.

1. Power tech ofx4 21 pitch with added cup. This prop is new and has only been ran once in deep water. It performs great but to small for my motor (Im wanting a 24 pitch ofx4 or bravo 1 xc). It has a Suzuki hub. $400 obo

2. Suzuki 3 blade with Heavy cup. 21.5 pitch. The prop did not work with my boat. New condition. $375 obo

3. Power tech PFF 15 pitch 4 blade. Prop was reworked and never used. Has a Johnson hub. $100

Please contact me with any question, Im in Texas.

Keith Whitley




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Any interest in a Suzuki 16X20? I'd love to try the 4-blade and 3-blade to see if I get better hole shot, hate to commit to it if it doesn't change my current situation. Would you be willing to work something out if I pay to ship/deposit?

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