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Early 2000’s M.A. 21’s


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Hey guys 1st post on MBG Forum so thanks in advance for helpful info  

 I am looking to get back in a shallow water boat. I have owned an Action Craft 1890 and a Canyon Bay 2165. I have been looking at MA 21’s and also the Hewes 21’s. In my research I have run across threads and comparisons of both. I’ll probably be looking to spend mid to upper 20k range so that seems to put me based on what I’ve seen in the 1999 to 2005 range. I am leaning towards the Maverick which brings me to my question. I have run across the stringer issue threads and am wondering if that is a very random issue that come up and if it is limited to certain years. Or could it be attributed to very a long and hard life on the water. Can that issue be seen by visual inspection even if there are no signs yet showing n the hull or deck?

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