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CC Refresh

Blue Agave

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Good Day Captains!

This is just the beginning and middle stages of resurfacing my center console in order to better support new and old electronics. As you can see from the picture depicting the whole center console that the compass is a bit wonky due to being so close to the 6 1/2 inch Fusion speaker magnet, as well as there being old accesses all over the place. To note in the pictures depicting the new Garmin being centered, it will really be more towards the port side of the console where the compass was. All electrical components have been removed from the CC at this time. As well I want to note that I mentioned that the wood being used in my projects is teak when I think it could be Epay wood. It's very dense, does not float and has brilliant red tones. Moving forward, I have constructed a new wooden base for the top of the CC in order to refresh and support the mounting of new electronics such as the Garmin and relocating the Compass. I might bring the compass down next to the helm's wheel or I might just remove it. With the Garmin you don't really need the clunky ole thing anyway. I know. What if you lose electronics? Well, I suspect the next owner of this boat won't ever be out of site of land and if you are well then you went too far. LOL Anyway, on with the PIX!

Have a Great Week!

Captain Steve


CC Base.jpeg

CC Base2.jpeg

CC Base3.jpeg

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