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Weipa Trip


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Myself and a fellow RF18 owner named Ramcon took a trip to Weipa where we were treated to some special fishing over four days in a variety of locations around Weipa. we fished the leads (Pylons) of the shipping channel for a variety of species (12 in one morning)and then proceeded to the creeks for a hot session of 60 Barra's all in one day.

I got to catch a few firsts with a Black Jew of 95 cms and a Juvenile Queensland Groper which had beautiful colours and both fight incredibly hard.

We averaged over 60 barra's a day to a maximum of 95 cm with countless other species in 35 degree heat and pre-wet season stormy conditions out of Ben's 6 meter custom aluminium boat. Weipa is about 1400 kilometres from Townsville and a lot of dirt road which can destroy trailers just looking at them and a Saltwater croc population with lots bigger then mine and Ronnie's 18RF so we flew into Cairns and then grabbed a later flight to Weipa which is a Bauxite Mining Town up in the top end of Queensland.

Here is just some of the country we fished and a few species that we caught and released on the trip.

On my return I had to replace two bait caster drags and a few bearings from smoked drags but the fun of seeing new relatively unexplored territory compared to our coastal region was a trip of a lifetime and we have plans for another trip this year.






















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