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17' MA with a 115 Yamaha 4-stroke- Prop


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19 hours ago, C-Los said:

I'm thinking my boat is still under-propped. My MA 17' with a 4-stroke Yamaha runs WOT 5100 at 41MPH. Shouldn't I be able to hit 5900rpm's 45-47MPH?

Most yamadogs rev limit is 6100...so, yes, you seem to be a bit over prop'd only hitting 5100...the WOT on my 2 smoker is at 5200 and I'm at 35-37 depending on the load if perfectly trimmed out....

are you running a 4 blade or 3?  again, as mentioned above, prop info would help.  Who prop'd it for you?

I hope to never loose my MA17's 1995 two stroker...but, can you send a couple of pics along..love to see how it's set up.


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