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Good Day Captains !

First of all, I am not sure why my photos came in sideways. Some of you have been looking and reading through my posts. I appreciate that. I read through a lot as well. I have attached some pics of the Center Console as it was BEFORE and as it is now or AFTER. As well as the finishing the top, I also cleaned up the wiring block this past weekend. As when I was installing the transducer and running the transducer cable and wiring up power for the new Garmin I realized that it had been some time since the power distribution block had been cleaned and polished. I like a really AJ squared away power distro! I disconnected (1 at a time of course) each connection and cleaned off the corrosion on the terminal connections on the block and the connections on the wires. I even pulled out the fuses and cleaned them and the fuse slots. I used a dremel and the wire brush attachment. 1000-2000 rmps worked great to clean things up to a polished shine on the contacts and wires. Also, You can see from the before and after pics I even modified the SUZUKI gauge cover. I am having fun with this 2200V. It will be for sale so if you know someone in the Maryland Delaware area that might be interested just drop me a line. 

Have a Great Day!



New CC 1.jpg


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