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25' Hybrid with T Top -Y300

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Steven at Power Tech recommended their OFX4R19CL200 for my 2019 2500 with the 300 Yamaha. My rig is slow getting out of the hole with the 3 blade supplied by the dealer but it will be fine as a spare. I haven't ordered the 4 blade yet but will probably order it next week. Then to the Keys so I'll have some real life good information after my Keys trip. I'm not concerned with top speed, I want a good hole shot and to lessen cavitation when running with the engine up high.

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Okay I got my 2500 out for the first time today with the new to me PowerTech OFX4R19CL200. Big improvement over the 3 blade PT dealer put on the boat. Hole shot took a long time to plane out with that prop. Lots of torque and great spin up from the 300 Yamaha with the 4 blade. Jack plate about 2.5” up trimmed about 4 bars on the Yamaha 6YC. Plenty of water pressure at that jack plate level. I will experiment with the jack plate higher and subsequently motor trimmed down more as I raise jack plate. Easy to get 5700 rpm and easily hitting 44mph at almost 700’ elevation. With this prop boat is proped excellent for me.

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