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Powertech 17p

Dale Nelson

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On 4/16/2019 at 7:58 AM, mulligan said:

I would be curious one how that runs on your boat if you try one out.  I tried a RED when I had my BF.  Fast prop but not much grip.  I think the RED and RAF are similar with the RAF having more rake and cup.


This confirmed why I wanted to try a 17p, couldn’t be happier. It always got out of the hole in a short distance- but now it is only one boat length. I was only able to get 5000rpm and 45 mph with the 19 p.


3500= 26 mph




5500=41.5 this is max rpm with no trim applied

trim applied it will push around 5800 @ 43.5 mph only 1.5 less top speed.

prop holds much better in tight turns- old prop would blow out pretty easy, it was ported

new prop will not blow out going 15-20 and full turn of the wheel.

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