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2300 HPS 1 Year later

George Seither

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After reading Tall Tails post on the 2500 HPS I thought it provided great information 1 year down the road, and I'll add the 2300 1 year down the road, Thanks TT

2016 2300 HPS SHO 250, PP 10' Blade ( Purchased 2018 Non Current New Boat) Shopped between 3 boats 2400TRS, 2500 HPS and This Boat all PF Products 2300 I believed would be easier to manage on Solo Trips.

Pre Purchase contacts with Pathfinder on Information for the 3 I considered was great they took the time to answer all questions, Tim's Marine was great to work with all items repaired by Troy with Tim's Marine  

Within the first 10 Hrs of operation some of the Vendor items failed which I kind of expected doe to the length of time not being energized/ operated, it is worth stating all of the vendors warranted the products as new even though it was 2 years down the road 

Vendor Items installed at factory

Power Pole: Replaced Hyd Motor assembly, Blue Tooth COMM's issue, corrosion noted in upper area of control unit

Airman B 70 Transducer: Resealed refilled back in service cover incorrectly sealed

Center Bait Well Switch: Replaced DOA


Center Console with cooler seat and cushion: Buttons on the cooler cushion chipped the gelcoat, appears this area needs a small piece of sea deck to protect the console from chipping. JMO 

Fuel Issue: Like TT the boat has a fueling issue while fueling up but he shed some light of what he found and I'll be investigating the Vent Tube for blockage, you can spoon feed the boat to get closer to the rated capacity

Fuel Filter Bracket: Mastic failed installed aluminum bracket 


Trailer Jack Non Swivel: Jack wheel impacts ground during launch: elevated ball and corrected issue should have caught this and had a swivel jack installed

Rear Frame Cross Member: Impacts ground during launch and pulling up certain inclines not bad but obvious scraping on the underside of the frame tube, I believe the trailer should be elevated 3/4 to 1" more between axels and main frame to eliminate this, JMO

Removed center running lights and installed a roller for Transom Saver for motor support, Installed taller Guide Poles with LED Markers to see where the trailer is a during late night pickups and early morning launches.

Yamaha: SHO 250

No Issues, performance pretty much matched the report they advertise, not as many hours as TT coming up on the first service 


Stagnation Gremlins for the 24 month lay up have ended with the exception of the Fuel issue which I'll be looking into

The Good Stuff as TT put it

No bait well issues as TT encountered but I'm not a big chum guy live shrimp and minnows survive till they are eaten LOL, the boat drains work very well, wide gunnels are walkable when running around with large reds or drum, storage capacity as advertised did swallow the menagerie of tackle and rods as well as other items.  Dry ride in a chop hull set up works very well, a bit hard to steer but I believe the Prop Dance Tread should help, 12" draft listed but I've had it a bit skinner in the 10" range I won't  go any shallower this was a light boat exercise. Boat fishes 3 comfortable, lay out works very well fit and finish shows and it's been commented on by several other fisherman/ boaters. No spider cracks or delamination noted, I'm very pleased with the step hull design, look forward to the 24 month update 


One addition: While looking at the boats the only under deck build thread I could find was on the Hull Truth, does MBG keeps videos of under the deck builds? but I found it very helpful  







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Fin, kind of expected the electrical component issues with the boat just sitting for the amount of time it did, I never figured out why it didn't move faster than it did but I couldn't pass it up, as long as all of the vendors stand behind what's installed I'm good and so far so good no other gremlins have shown up, In my past life when I worked I'd seen it before procuring long lead time items that sit waiting for the projects to kick off and having a certain mortality rate in PLC's, Transmitters ect. 

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Update: Opened up the inspection cover and removed the front speaker to inspect the vent line hose, vent fitting and screen, no blockage noted, ran a 12" tie wrap down full length and twisted around no cutting or resistance noted,  screen clean, blow back from the vent fitting to the tank and there is a reasonable return rate from the tank fill, no kinks in the vent hose as far as I can reach so it's back to the carbon canister. FYI front speaker was the easiest port to allow inspection. 

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Nice write up and thanks for mentioning me. I wasn't quite as detailed in my assessment but had enough gremlins to keep me busy for a while. Now I am finding multiple air pockets in the rear live well and will need to get in there and patch at least a half dozen areas where the gelcoat has popped loose. All these areas are small, quarter inch areas. Not pleased with this but its repairable. 

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Almost looks like a hot batch mix, I have noted some small looking bubbled on the console on the lower contour line but no break thru and very small sometime in the curing process and heat generated in the process even after rolling all of the glass out I believe the heat generated some small pockets, I've seen this in epoxy risen for large machinery foundations while still harder than steel the air bubbles can still be seen in chock block foundations, questioned the glass shop which has been around for quite a while and on other brand X boats it appears common but not often in the Pathfinder line.  

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