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classic hewes and lefty images


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this could get me in big trouble, copyright-wise, but i just couldn't resist sharing these with you.

i came across this old book dad has had in his collection for years, i remember reading it as a kid....what a lot of memories this brought back! well i was flipping through the old, cracked and worn pages, and lo and behold, there is a bonefisher! and in the back of the book, a note from my uncle jim, thanking my dad for lending him the book. uncle jim was a bear of a man, 6'6" and about 275lbs. he died of a heart attack about 20 years ago... he was a swell guy, a great fisherman, and my dad still misses him a lot, crud, we all do....

the book is fly fishing in salwater by lefty kreh

put out by crown publishing..

printed in 1974

i can't find any photographer credited, but there are some excellent b&w photos in the book...it's a great book, and i believe it might be on it's 3rd or 4th revision now....i'm not sure, but i bet this would be the first version that i have...

the caption on the first photo says, 'for several years some of the more expert tarpon fishermen have been using electric trolling motors to approach schools of big tarpon. here bob hewes, miami boat builder, sneaks up on some tarpon in the lower keys.'










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the note reads,


many thanks. yet to catch anything on a fly that i tied, however, next fishing trip will be the one. Learned quite a bit from 'saint kreh,' can't wait to fish for some snook with a fly.



'the hewes bonefisher is one of the new breed of boats designed for the fly fisherman. rod holders under the gunwale carry the fly rods out of the way and protected from salt spray. casting platforms front and back allow the fly rodder to work in confidence. the boat is devoid of tangling devices. the center console is a perfect storage compartment for radio and other imporant units that need to be kept dry. note the depth recorder on top of the console. boats like this one are the answer to the fly fisherman's dreams.'

pulled caption from the book....







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Looking at the pic of the console that he is standing on, makes me wonder if you guys could design a similar feature on the console of the PF2200?? I'm currently standing on mine when chasing beach Tarpon but it's a bit cramped and hard on my calves since I have room for only the balls of my feet.

That might just make me invest in a new PF2200XL TE Micro.

Anybody else standing on the console?

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Lots of the "Texas style" scooter boats are built with a flat topped console for standing. Some also have a "burning bar", which is a waist high bar in front of the console for hanging on while running.

It's a very controversial process here now - running the shallow flats to find or herd up the reds - but some still do it. I still remember the first time, probably 20 years ago, when a guide stood on the console of his ShallowSport and steered with his feet over very shallow flats in the Laguna Madre. It seemed very cool at the time, and now I'm just glad we all survived!

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