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23 HPS Stereo upgrade suggestions

East Coast Dave

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I’m thinking of upgrading my stereo.  I current have an older Fusion head unit with two small kenwood speakers in the console.  Seems like everyone likes the JL brand. Couple questions. 

I’m thinking four nice speakers so we can listen while we run. 

Is it recommended to get an amp and sub for a nice sound?

Where would you recommend ordering online?

What should I expect it to cost to have it installed?

Any pics of how you guys have yours set-up would be a big help.  The thought of cutting holes drives me nuts...


thanks in advance. 

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In my opinion, the best sound comes from four JL Audio 7.7’s and a JL Audio 10” sub. It will all fit easily and nicely in your boat. If going that route and it were me, I would  push it all with a JL Audio M700/5. This is a quality system that will run a little over $1000-$1,200 dollars. You won’t be king of the sandbar, but it will be more than adequate to hear while underway. I don’t know what a pair of 7.7’s cost now, so allow me some room there. I personally like to have FM capabilities with my head unit, so this time I went with a JL Audio MM100. They’re a little pricy, but you can add a lot of things to it, plus it’s NMEA compatible. So in parts, probably around $1,7-1,800 dollars...I buy from Crutchfield because of their customer service department. Those folks are top notch and if you need anything, they’ve got you covered. If your HPS is pre 2018, you can mount the sub on the lower half on the forward side of the console. Since you’ve already got holes from your other speakers, fill those with new ones and then the second pair can go in the front side of the forward rod lockers. They should fit there with ease. 

For cost to install, I was quoted 1,200 last year in Jacksonville, FL. I found that to be a bit ridiculous, and did my hole cutting and wiring myself. Link to that is HERE. Keep in mind I’m running 4 - 8.8’s no sub, but my console doesn’t afford the reasonable space for one. The 2018 design has a swing out door on the bottom half, and I have the charger and amp mounted on either side where one may cut a hole for the sub. I’m totally against mounting a sub that fires high or out of the boat. I think you may have issues fitting 8.8’s in the rod lockers in earlier hulls, I know JoshB did. 


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