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Progress on the 1996 Hewes Bayfisher 18 lappy...


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I knew I was in for a semi-restoration. See the attached pics after the plate covering the previous owners modifications is removed. Should have it back from the shop early next week. Also when I dropped it off, we found that the cap was loose from the hull (common to early hewes lappy’s), so that will be fixed as well. Got the Ulterra self-deploying trolling motor and quick release mount in, as well as the new Bennett Bolt trim tab system and a new SIMRAD GO7 XSR GPS chart plotter/fish finder in. I will install that stuff when I get the boat back from the shop. This boat is the perfect size and I can handle it easily without killing myself.

Once all the changes are done, the sound system components will be removed and the speaker/woofer components will be removed and the holes repaired as if they were never there. The boat will be painted in the original Oyster color. In the meantime I will fish it as funds provide.






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The cap was loose from the hull. It was fixed by tabbing the cap to the hull on both sides all the way to the gas tank. I didn't notice it until Dave hit the cap and I saw the movement. We investigated and saw the cap to hull separation. Well, that needed fixing so Dave fixed it. Then he saw the aft bottom damage, so that will be fixed too. Worth it though.


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