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16' Power Options

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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for a little help on powering a new vessel. The boat is a Deno 17. It is modeled very closely after a 16 Bonefisher, Redfisher, Bayfisher hull except it has a molded bracket on the rear, a running pad, and a small hull step (***note step not strakes...there are strakes as well). The boat weighs in at 650 pounds finished, no motor.

I know that most old lappy boats were equipped with the 90 Yamaha and performed well with this type of power. Because this boat is lighter, I am even more worried about adding a heavier outboard to the rear. I feel the effects on draft will be more exaggerated due to the weight on the offset transom.

The builder has recommended the F70 and the Mercury 60 CT (new name for Bigfoot). He said that the Mercury has much better holeshot than the Yamaha, but the F70 does give the boat 2-3 mph on the top end.

My question is not for these engines, but for the Evinrude ETEC 60. Does anyone have any experience with these engines on a 16' lappy hull?

Any advice that can be given is wonderful.

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The core materials enable a very light weight. I am very impressed with the build quality of the boat. Also, the cap configuration is different than the old lappy hulls. All of this helps to get the weight down.

As for the bottom, I tested the builder's first version; it had the original bottom, but had the molded bracket on the back. It was a great ride. The new one should ride a little flatter (bow down) with better attitude due to the step.

Just as a note...I pulled the trigger on the Evinrude yesterday (had to get the order placed to get the current 7 year warranty they are advertising). I will have the boat in about a 5 weeks and then will be rigging it myself. I will post pictures and performance numbers as the build moves along.

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