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96 Bayfisher 18' 4 blader?


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115HP ETEC. Right now there is a Viper 13-7/8" x 19 3 blade prop on it - I don't think it's the right one for a flats boat. I just picked the boat up a month or so ago. Anybody out there with an equivalent setup that can recommend a prop? I'm looking at the BRP Rogue 4 blader as a possibility.

Chuck  😁

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Finally had a chance to go out and do some fishing yesterday (nope, I didn't catch any edibles and the Spanish are not in at Peck's yet). Anyway, the Rogue is a big success, so MBB I owe ya one! Fully loaded with a full tank of gas nit right at 40 MPH which is perfect for me. RPM's went from 5200 RPM (SS BRP 14.75 X 19) trimmed out to 5950 RPM trimmed out - some tab added. Hole shot is MUCH improved and stays on plane at a lower RPM and speed (17-18 MPH).

Chuck  😀

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