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Spot or EPIRB?


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I have both .

ACR epirb I have on my self inflating life vest I wear , when I am by myself , which is often .

It is only to be used if 100% life or death situation .

Now , the Spot X , also has an epirb , not sure if it is the same freq as ACR , but think so, but it also gives me the ability to send out predetermined messages to my family , but also gives me the ability to text in a two way conversation , so in the event I am stranded , and need something specific , I can reach out to my peeps and know that they received  my messages and are taking measures to effect appropriate actions .

For what and where I venture , both are priceless .

Hope this helps


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Registered EPIRB.

PLB'S do the same but need to see the SKY and some don't float upright without you psychically holding them. Most have only half the transmit time.


Proper registration is the Key for speeding the SAR. I include plenty of contacts for SAR personnel to reach and a good description of the vessel.


Fishing alone I would have both and the PLB clipped to me at all times. 


No monthly fee.

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