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MA 17 Upgrades 1995 with two stroke original 115


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Added a few things over the week.

1.) Tired of having the rods slip out of the holders on the gunnels....have to always use the strap....so, I crafted some teak pieces of wood to create a ledge.

2.) added an additional jack stand....I spend a lot of time in the skiff fiddling and fixing stuff as well as cleaning..I'm always concerned the shifting and jostling could cause the front jack to collapse....overkill probably, save the hull - for at the price of $100, I feel better..it's a heavy skiff

3.) Added an edson knob...

4.) changed the lower unit oil, changed the fuel filter, checked the plugs (not too bad), wire brushed, checked the gap, replaced...check the engine hoses and sprayed some yamaha protection spray on the parts

5.) ran the skiff in the tub for a few sessions used 1/2 gallon of salt off- she should be clean and ready to run

6.) Cracked the hub bolts.....

7.) sprayed some stainless steel screw black to match the console buttons





Not bad for a 25 year old engine ???  :) 










plugs looked ok.....





Changed this one out..it was at the bottom head and there was some pee hose spray that apparently got on it one time....





simple....got some enamel and sprayed it on the screw heads.....





Lower unit oil looked good....replaced it with another clean 24 oz....no shavings..no milkiness....sorry, yes, i only use OEM (LOL).




I found this brush at a place called Sailorman discount....I have a big one for heavy cleaning...but, wanted something small when on the water that fits under the gunnels....this also serves as a "pre" pic of the gunnel ledges....finishing them today.




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21 hours ago, pondfisher said:

Cleanest 25 yr. old motor I've ever seen!  My F100 (20 years old) same. Maybe should have kept it.  Too late...

(Insert plug for F100 motor for sale!) lol. 😋

Yep she is clean.....I don't know the hours...but, has to be less than 500 or so....no idea.




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