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72 Bonefisher Project


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Whats up guys, Well there was some family dispute about the 77 Redfisher I got from my dad, So being the good big brother I gave it to my brother and picked me up another Lappy Project. 

As the title says, I picked up an "all original" 1972 Bonefisher. I got a hell of a deal on this thing and I am excited to start the project. I found it on boattrader.com and went and looked at it and it was DEEP in this guys backyard in Coral Gables, Fl and couldn't walk away without it.

My plan is to get the 1985 Yamaha 115 running. Previous owner said it ran but was getting an oil alarm before he stored it. So I'm going to be checking that out plus changing the impeller and lower unit oil and a laundry list of other minor things for the first attack. Then some sanding and throwing a quick layer of Paint and non-skid down just to enjoy the boat until fall. 

I predict this winter I will tear into her and restore this beaut'. 

**Does anyone have a spreadsheet of the original color options these boats had in 1972? Id like to keep it somewhat in its era.**




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Never seen a matte finish on any skiff.

The shine is not what blinds you, its the color, so anything but pure white. The shine looks great. a matte finish might look kinda uncared for and sunburned.

A Matterhorn white has a greyish/blue tint rather than a yellow/tan tint... and looks mmm good.

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