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Cobia 174CC

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large.76EC68D2-8AA1-4820-A1EA-FC2AD294F221.jpeg.fb936b14f26bb56cc1d379571d1c56ce.jpegI have a 1996 Model 174CC Cobia boat. My capacity label is worn and illegible so I'm trying to get it remade, the only problem is that I don't know some of the information that needs to be on it. A while ago I was provided some specifications from an old brochure for my boat from someone at Maverick Boat company that shows the length, beam, dry weight, persons, fuel, total weight and max power. Based upon calculations I've found online for calculating the max number of persons, (17*7)/15 = 8, not 5 as shown on the brochure sheet they provided. (see specs below). I've found online that most "person weight" values are calculated by multiplying the number of persons by 150, but now I'm not confident that 5 is the correct number as the (L*W)/15 calculation does not come out to 5 based upon these specs below.

I'm also trying to decipher what would be the max weight, that includes persons, motor and gear- would this be the total weight number shown below?

Here are the specifications I was provided in the brochure:
Length: 17'2"
Beam: 84"
Dry Weight (w/60HP): 1376 lbs.
Persons: 5
Total Weight: 1300 lbs.
Standard Power: 60HP
Max Power: 120 HP



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