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4 hours ago, MuddyBottomBluz said:

Thought some of you might get a kick out of this!

Definitely gettin' a kick out of this!  I didn't know flats boats technology was that sophisticated in 1967.  Thanks for sharing it!  So, was Hewes making flats boats before this Perdue was introduced?

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  Bob Hewes started making boats about the same time, 60's, however his boats were not flats boat but rather ski boats, his daughter was a world class skier and apparently his whole family was into it. It wasn't until later one of his fishing buddies told him he should make a boat for shallow water fishing and he redesigned the ski boats for shallow water. The first I believe in 69 or 70. He was the first to mass produce the flats boat. Then one day while out fishing with Bill Curtis, they were talking and they decided there had to be a better way to pole a skiff then standing on the cowling, that is when Bill designed the first picnic table for a flats boat, later to be known as the poling platform and Bob was the first to incorporate one into his boat design.

 That is the way it was explained to me by some close family friends. That is also why Bob continued to design and build ski boats in a limited number. That is why the Wildcat was in existence in limited numbers. It was a Redfisher hull with a ski boat top.

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