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This skiff was repaired and refurbished by Jonathan Glasser of Glasser Boatworks in December 2014/January 2015. It is the most well equipped and solid 17T that I have ever seen in person. Stringers were raised and floor and hull were reinforced before being finished with awl-grip.  Hull is now rock solid and Glasser did his magic on all of the original gel coat. Every system is in working order and has been well maintained. This is the perfect low tide/everglades/west coast winter tide skiff. Runs and floats extremely shallow and has a ton of space for a 17' skiff. It is the perfect purpose-made compliment to a big bay boat.

The boat and accessories for sale are as follows:

- 1998 Pathfinder tunnel hull including raised stringers and reinforced hull/floor

- 1998 Yamaha 50hp

- 2015 Continental trailer with torsion axle and LED lights

- Motorguide Xi5 w/GPS

- Noco Genius dual bank smart charger

- 4 pc. Carbon Marine Push pole

- 8' Wang Anchor and holder

- Custom Wrapped S/S steering wheel

- Moonlighter push pole holders

- Bennett Marine hydraulic Trim Tabs

- 4 blade Powertech prop

- Bob's machine shop true tracker stabilizer plate

- 18 gallon TNT aluminum gas tank

- Skiff Cushion redone by Pete @ Shumake's

- crustacean well with recirculating pump

- S/S tie downs and Pathfinder guide posts

- S/S rod holders







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Okay - I have to question a quote I got to do some cosmetic repairs on my last MA.   All that work done, and the skiff is being sold for 11K. . . . Either you are taking a big loss, or the repair guy I talked to was off the reservation.

Either way, it seems to me that someone is going to get a heck of a skiff for a very reasonable price!

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