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My "new" MA18.5!


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I finally had enough time to take the new boat out! Played some hockey in the morning (to burn off all that Turkey) then my gf and I took the boat out for a while... Forgot the cast net at the house smh so I just threw some plugs and managed a few small snook and lost a big dog snook that shook the hook boatside all and all a great time and she ran flawlessly, looking forward to more great days to come!








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10 hours ago, hurricane said:

Outstanding! Boat looks great, glad to hear you got it out for run. Looks like its got some good mojo fishing with it as well.

Dang, look at the shine on the motor!

How do think it compares to the 21?

Thanks Nag! Yesterday was a good test day... 10-15mph wind and good amount of boats on the water due to the holiday, the biggest difference I noticed coming from the 21 is that you can definitely tell the18.5 is much lighter and 3ft shorter than the 21... The 21 felt like it could get up and sit on top of wider-gap chop (most likely due to extra length & weight) and in the 18.5 I feel like I have to use the tabs a touch more to keep the leading edge cutting through the waves to prevent slight bouncing. Still very very impressed with the ride/dryness for an 18.5ft boat in those conditions and once I get used to how she likes the tabs ran then I'm sure she'll be amazing... need to use her a few more times to decide if I really need a jack plate,  definitely much more agile and floats shallower than the 21, which was to be expected. All in all very happy with the purchase and ready to fill the wells with bait this week!

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