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SOLD 18.5 Master Angler SOLD

Johnny Tsunami

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  • 1993 Maverick Master Angler
  • 2001 175 VMAX HPDI 600 hours
  • 2017 Allstar trailer
  • Fresh paint job topside only
  • Garmin 740s 
  • Full re-wire in 2014 by shallow water customs
  • New fuel tank in 2014
  • 2017 batteries
  • Minn Kota Trolling motor
  • Atlas Jackplate
  • 8’ powerpole
  • Stainless rub rail
  • Complete JL audio sound system
  • All LED lighting
  • Genius 3 Bank Charger
  • NMEA 2000 Fuel sender hooked up to the Garmin.

I have Owned this boat since May 2008 and have invested over $20,000 in her until now. I am looking to move into an 18 HPX-V in the near future. This boat has been well cared for and deserves to go to a great home. 



Got a break in the weather so I finally took some new pictures  5B05C145-4237-4222-A660-C2A7E68B1A2D.thumb.jpeg.c465a47cf1e38ad9405bcbe0feb0dcf9.jpeg86FBF925-7E18-4843-BE07-3CDBB29CA85A.thumb.jpeg.6cd2c710c02a4bdac046dea51a90ac32.jpeg8305411B-D766-4E3E-B23C-32C5359A7C82.thumb.jpeg.578bf98e477e2944914bb9aec1e6112b.jpeg8062B862-57BB-40D6-8A1F-D76D90769F2C.thumb.jpeg.059df21503e1b6cec094fd3d540c0e37.jpegCDDA5A44-6B59-4815-8F4B-1E171A06EDB2.thumb.jpeg.9f4876b59a300126bec4e1090fbb3d51.jpeg51173587-6577-423F-A28D-B78F9983BD7F.thumb.jpeg.aeda551fb98c8cc5aa14269cf91ec615.jpeg66D4DB1F-B11E-4A22-A27B-04F7AF9AA73D.thumb.jpeg.fced6101a8856dc5de115f4c08ba7bf1.jpeg61912E0B-C5E4-4D22-A607-DCA74B8AC5BA.thumb.jpeg.f88505a81994b89b574b589769bb927c.jpeg2C2328E1-2A71-4882-B950-93ACA212ABA5.thumb.jpeg.c21917b4ea11108cdd22f58d6609ed9d.jpeg51173587-6577-423F-A28D-B78F9983BD7F.thumb.jpeg.aeda551fb98c8cc5aa14269cf91ec615.jpeg5D290AD7-1DDB-48B2-8229-0F9FE58917C3.thumb.jpeg.6ae7bb00027b9b3b914a8c28ff1c7e50.jpeg






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1 hour ago, FMB MEGALOPS said:

I think the series II came out around 2007??? That's a pretty big difference on age if so. If so you may want to edit ad. 

  • 2001 175 VMAX HPDI 600 hours


I had this motor on my 18 and it did fly. GLWS. Nice looking boat. 

nope just new stickers its a series 1. I had the cowling repainted and these were all i was able to find at that time. 

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Thanks but I believe I have posted everything already.

Paint job alone was just shy of


rewire $2500

Brand new JP and TM installed $2500

brand new trailer $2000

Garmin $1000

fuel tank install $4800

stainless rub rail $500 

JL audio system $1500

older PP but still $1500

im showing just shy of 21k and that’s just in upgraded components not including the engine or the boat.

forgot to add

brand new factory oem lower unit in 2015 $2900 has less than 100 hours since then  

and brand new factory oem high pressure fuel pump last year $1250 has about 25 hours on it.

let me know if that helps 


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