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2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

Nag Juice

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Need to sell bc I’m looking at early retirement from the military due to medical reasons. Boat motor and trailer are 2006. Boat is turn key and ready to go. It’s a great riding boat and I’m hate to see it go. It’s finally like I want it. Figures....

-Ameritrail trailer with new hubs, new tires and new trailer lights

-Yamaha F150 w 1050 hours

-MK IPilot 80 with 60” shaft

Lowrance HDS10

Fusion RA-70 with JL MX770s

Custom Fabricated Removable Backrest

Raw Water Washdown 


Full Sunbrella Cover with separate console cover

The pictures aren’t new but it’s been raining and pollen is everywhere. I’ll get some new ones up this week, but it looks the same.  

I get it. It’s BLUE. It’s easy on the eyes and get nothing but positive accolades in person. I got a quote to renon-skid the boat for $1500 if you’re interested. A gray SeaDek in a teak mold would be nice too. The blue never bothered me, I just called out of curiosity. I bought it for what it is, a 2006 center console 18 MA with a F150 and a Ameritrail. The boat is right and lives up to every expectation. 












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The location of the boat is the only reason it's not already sold IMO. Most buyers won't want to make a huge road trip just to see the boat before making an offer. Have you thought about putting it on consignment at a FL MBC dealer? I'm certain you'd get more bites with it being in FL versus anywhere in NC. I wish I knew someone that was looking for an MA right now so I can help get it sold for you. 

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Anyone looking for an absolutely beautifully kept, smooth riding awesome fishing machine, needs to just buy this boat. PERIOD !!!!  I had the opportunity to wet test this vessel last year and for personal reasons was not able to complete the transaction.  Had ABSOLUTELY noting to do with the vessel or Nag.  He was one of the most accommodating, thoughtful individuals I ever met.  I look at this boat just about every other week wishing that I could have made the purchase.  This boat rides like a dream and at 4000-4700 RPMS Nag and I were holding a conversation as he explained to me everything with the boat.


Nag, I hope and pray that you have a buyer soon.

Regards, Matt

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