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2009 Maverick HPX Micro 17' for sale SOLD


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Selling my 09 Maverick Micro.  Need more room for a growing family interested in fishing and being in the water.

I'm the second owner.  I purchased from original owner 3-4 years ago.  boat had 4 hours on motor when I bought and was always garage kept.

Boat now has 35 hours on motor and runs perfect.  boat is very well kept.  Stored in garage except for a short 10 month period I kept it covered with a boat cover between moves.

I'm located in Covington, LA and have fished the south LA marsh exclusively.  I don't need to tell anyone here what the technical capabilities of this boat include, if you're on this forum you already know.

Pictures show more than I could describe here.  Hull is black if can't tell in photos.  minn kota ipilot trolling motor has quick release to remove.  6ft power pole.  also have Garmin GPS/depth finder, will have to get model number.  

Original owner also had Maverick add the front seat w/ built in cooler which I have used for more storage only.  unique feature not seen much on the Micros in my experience.

Listing here and a few other sites as well.  boat is turn key

Asking 24K OBO.  call/text for more info.  50461573645ac384905663a_hqaMfCCSve91pGbbedq2A.thumb.jpg.d2a60e6a4669356ae61891228025d261.jpg5ac384950d9ed_S9USEPAHTPWjzF4EKLsYg.thumb.jpg.fb496897c0c08b43608b004addfedb7b.jpg5ac38498ecab9_eSinnWsTkmDuZv22aF0IQ.thumb.jpg.01a53fc74538bbb43634ce8c18c58f5d.jpg5ac38498ecab9_eSinnWsTkmDuZv22aF0IQ.thumb.jpg.01a53fc74538bbb43634ce8c18c58f5d.jpge4vCoHK5TZWr0gBuXUFFXQ.thumb.jpg.ef1f8bd845c1e87e215988e78f2e6e9f.jpg5ac384a17f6bc_P3KnnjMRRFWJ6NSmo78XQ.thumb.jpg.d6cc7faebfdd67387782ee72ee58e314.jpg5ac384a626033_idnbMZ2QSQhOqRHh1c9g.thumb.jpg.f5d405f736f36e8551942b2c4d606164.jpgKyAVVRzJQvSx1r5iEw9ZYg.thumb.jpg.84e3c0cbb35c7586a23eb70c6fe17b82.jpgfullsizeoutput_1beb.thumb.jpeg.a5449f1a02437b61502c8205372cb601.jpeg5ac384af70366_OL03HLyASrG8aHU0kBSLQ.thumb.jpg.fc4714b54854233244b3cd26c7bccf50.jpgIMG_0234.thumb.JPG.918cc35c14ab3b04cecc188b16889682.JPGtnIDkU8CQl2ISe0cUxf6Pw.thumb.jpg.1ac8159ae2a0aa5c801034e2b063d395.jpg5ac384b93a248_4p6nCwPZTr9mBRq7uG67Q.thumb.jpg.a05ea17ee7f43f93696037731611f3e3.jpg5ac384bc2a2fc_iLJySztgQbmtqjDDKdt7w.thumb.jpg.ecfbe68932ae0139dbc5040873f05a4f.jpgn3wYeaSURaeTytw5IrH1jw.thumb.jpg.167006531b5c5e710dfd0596abfdf3bc.jpg5ac384b93a248_4p6nCwPZTr9mBRq7uG67Q.thumb.jpg.a05ea17ee7f43f93696037731611f3e3.jpg7RU7MnbcTMyPrbbVQfNbVg.thumb.jpg.a3800abd8d43dfd56e95363c5a3b9386.jpg


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