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2000 18.5 Maverick Master Angler - Project


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Well, it's time.   I've put too much money into this to finish it, so I am going to sell it at a price that allows the new owner to complete the project under the value of the boat.  

Here's what you get: 

Year 2000, 18.5 Maverick Master Angler Flats boat with year 2000 Yamaha 150 (OX66) 2 stroke engine ~500 hrs.  Boat hull will require work to finish a repair – see details below.


Motor:   Motor is in excellent shape and runs extremely well.  Starts up every time, and I recently replaced the remote oil tank/pump assembly.  If you know the reputation of an OX66, you know it’s a good motor with many, many years left in it.   Top speed was 50-54 MPH depending on load.

Hull:  Boat hull will require work to finalize a stringer repair.   A year ago, I discovered that the boat’s port stringer had become de-laminated at the stern, causing the hull to flex and a small crack to form on port, stern strake.   We had the rear deck removed, both stringers ground down (precautionary on the starboard side), and then extended and reinforced the stringers by tying them into the transom.  As of today, the rear deck needs to be re-attached, and the small crack in the hull needs to be repaired now that the stringers have been addressed.    Basically, you are putting the boat back together with the core issue fully resolved.   The rear deck can be removed for you to fully inspect the work that has been done.   Aside from the rear deck being detached, the rest of the hull is in good condition, with very few scratches and the gel coat is in overall very good shape.  If you are not familiar with this hull, do a little research on it.  This is a legendary hull for its ability to handle chop while running shallow, and for it smooth, dry ride and only comparable to an Egret.  It is worth the fix.

Trailer:   Single axle trailer is in very good condition, bunks are in great shape, springs were replaced last year, new LED tail lights.   Needs a new jack, but the current one works.

Equipment:  New throttle and shifter cables have been installed, and new pumps (bilge and livewells) and plumbing have been purchased for the boat.   The boat has hydraulic steering, a three bank onboard charger, 2 trolling motor batteries and 1 house battery.   The boat includes the poling platform and push pole.   

I have a Minn Kota 80# thrust Ipilot and Lowrance HDS 7 with side scan that are NOT included in this sales price, but can be purchased with the boat if desired.  

I've been monitoring the actual sales prices for Master Anglers through the sellers on this forum.  This model boat for this year and power typically sell in the 15-20K range, so at this price you have plenty of room to complete the work.  I’ve simply run out of money to complete the project the way I want to, and it is too good a boat to cut corners on.   Additional information and pictures are available on request.   The pics below are not in order, but the ones showing the rear deck in place are the most current (today).  The deck is not attached, and you can see the repaired stringers (pained white) in the 3rd and 4th pics.   There are several threads detailing the work that has been done on this boat to date, and I've got pics of the boat before, during, and in its current state.   I could probably get more by parting it out, but I'm really not interested in going that route, unless someone wants to buy the hull and trailer first.  





40067 (1).jpeg

2016-11-19 08.24.02.jpg

2016-12-07 08.28.50-2.jpg

2017-04-18 19.12.27.jpg



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Sorry to hear you're going to sell the MA, Gus.  A lot of family fun and good memories, were made on this boat since you've owned it.  Looks like the work that has been done to the stringers and transom, is top notch.  This is a good deal for someone who wants to put a little more time and money into it, to get it back on the water again.  Hope this board starts seeing your great photos of caught fish and big smiles again soon!

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Y'all are jerks.   Thanks for all the encouragement to keep going.   She's off the market.  Had three offers in 3 days, one full priced from a very good friend, two others that I would consider if I get to a point I needed the money.   Fact is, the more I thought about selling her, the more I realized I don't want to.   Now that I know I can sell her if I need to, it takes all the pressure off.  

She isn't costing me anything to be sitting in the yard, and I can do the plumbing and re-rigging myself, maybe even make some progress on re-wiring.   As for the fiberglass,  if anyone has very good, very reliable, and very reasonable glass guys that you can recommend, I'll take the names and numbers via PM for when I'm ready.   

One step at a time. . . 

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On 12/4/2018 at 7:41 PM, conocean said:

I think you’re making a great decision, Gus. Go thru the entire boat, replace everything then have a glass guy come in to finish her off. Oh, and hang a SHO on her when that OX66 finally gives up. 👍🏻

X2....now you have a "winter" project to do the re-wire...take a look at my post on the top of the forum about links to various sites...there is a very good one on wiring...you can take your time and look for a good deal on wiring and make your own harness...in addition, I'd go much simplier than those shared switches...they are a PIA....just get what you need and get the one pulse, on/off....bilge, lights, baitwells, etc....keep it simple and use quality components...Blue Seas, etc.  By the spring, she'll be ready to be glassed in and you'll have something you'll be able to pass down to your kids....I enjoy my boat work as much as the fishing sometimes...




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